Flexo plate mounting tape

Plate mounting tapes for
flexible packaging and label printing

Get plate mounting tapes sitted according to your print sizes. Save money and mounting time. We slit and pack any width from 10mm to 1370mm. Our slitter uses Teflon-coated knifes with presision setting of +/-0.1mm.

Product selection

  • thicknesses: 0.55mm and 0.38mm
  • hardnesses: soft, medium-soft, medium, medium-hard, hard
  • adhesive strength: medium and strong
  • dimensions: 1370mm, 457mm and other sizes on request

INMOUNT 69 / 69H is your choice for jobs with:

  • 0-20% ink coverage
  • uncoated paper substrates
  • hard photopolymer plates
  • high lights/tones

INMOUNT 70  / 70H is your choice for jobs with:

  • 20-60% ink coverage
  • coated paper and film substrates
  • hard and medium photopolymer plates

INMOUNT 71 / 71H is your choice for jobs with:

  • 30-70% ink coverage
  • all kinds of film substrates
  • medium photopolymer plates

(basically for anything if you aren’t sure yet)


INMOUNT 72 / 72H is your choice for jobs with:

  • 50-90% ink coverage
  • film substrates
  • hard photopolymer plates
  • letters and lines

INMOUNT 73 / 73H is your choice for jobs with:

  • 90-100% ink coverage
  • film substrates
  • hard plates
  • solid print areas


INMOUNT plate mounting tapes are used by packaging and label printers around the world to mount their flexo printing plates.


Tom Kockerbeck

Tom Kockerbeck

Product Manager

7 years in the packaging industry
located in Siegburg

Phone: +372 5593 7959
Mail: sales@imcmaterials.com
Office hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m